Nicotine Info

Welcome to our nicotine info page to help you store and use nicotine safely. Any queries, just give us a call on (03) 8528 5784


Nicotine is classed as a ‘Schedule 7- Dangerous Poison’ under the Commonwealth Poisons Standard in Australia. Because of this, it is illegal to purchase any form of nicotine which is not either: in cancer sticks, or; in Big Pharma owned products like nicotine gums, sprays or lozenges. New legislation which might see nicotine available in chemists comes into effect from October 2021.

We encourage you to join the advocacy battle for legalisation and regulation of the vaping industry by visiting Legalise Vaping Australia.  You might also contact your local MP and let them know that you support legalisation of this product. Ask them to help change the stance of their party on the legal status of vaping nicotine in your state.


PREACH VAPOUR is not allowed to recommend any of its customers to use nicotine in their personal vaping devices. So, for more info click here. Nicotine can be purchased in multiple ways as ready-to-vape or in nicotine bases that are bought to add to E-liquids. Most nicotine bases are around the 100mg/ml strength and are diluted with the 0mg/ml E-liquids. We are working on having the widest range available in Melbourne, try out our Juice Finder.

Did you know that concentrated nicotine is poisonous? Make sure all nicotine containing e-liquids are stored in childproof containers and out of reach of any small children or pets. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after you mix because nicotine can be absorbed through the skin. For optimal long life storage, you should keep your nic in the freezer.

You need to be careful when mixing nicotine base with e-liquids. Below is a calculator to make sure the amount of nicotine in your e-liquid is at a reasonable concentration. If you have any questions on nicotine e-liquid strengths, or need any other nicotine info, please call our shop on (03) 8528 5784 or contact us so one of our sales consultants can suggest a safe strength.

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