Welcome to PREACH VAPOUR’s guide to getting a prescription for importing unflavoured 100mg/ml nicotine base. These instructions are to make sure you get a valid prescription for at least the minimum volume currently available from our recommended supplier D&R Vape NZ which is 100ml. We’ve done the homework for you to find what we think is the simplest, most straightforward and cost effective process for ordering nicotine. All you need to do is complete the form at QuitRX.com to get your script in your inbox in 24-hours, $75 full price/$45 concession. We’ve done some screen grabs below to help you feel confident about what to expect and how to fill it out if you’re not sure.


Fill out your own details (Yes, the demo date in this picture is someone who is 18 now, and yes, that does make me feel old.)


















Fill out your smoking history. We recommend writing D&R Vape NZ under where you plan to purchase, but obviously you can write whatever overseas store you are planning on buying from!

















This is the section where what you select becomes very important. We recommend the 100mg/ml option as it gives you control over where you can buy your liquids and at what strength you mix it, whether you are using Freebase or Salts. Using the numbers here will get you a limit higher than the minimum amount available from most suppliers.


We are unsure what the response will be if your answer for any of these conditions recorded here is “yes” but the people behind this website are medical professionals with your best interests at heart.  Following on from that, this is where you prove who you are, and if you are eligible for the concession rate.


Consent to the statement and choose your fee – remembering only valid concession holders are eligible for the concession rate. I have chosen here not to have a follow up in a months time as I’d recommend speaking to us in store about weening off nicotine.













That’s it you are done!  You will have the prescription for importing nicotine within the day and can then order your nicotine without a worry.

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