VOOPOO PnP Mesh Coils 5pcs

$23.00 inc. GST

These coils are compatible with:


The Voopoo Vinci VW / R / X / Air Pod Kits

Navi Pod Mod

V.Suit Pod Mod Starter Kit

Drag S + Drag X Pod Mod Kits

Argus Air, Argus GT, Argus Pro Kits

Find Trio, Drag Baby Trio Starter Kits

PnP 20 / 22 Starter Kits

PnP Pod Tank

Please do note, higher wattage coils are not ideal in the Drag Baby Trio due to its lower wattage output than the Vinci. We recommend the R2, C1 and R1 for the Trio.


The Argus Air is compatible only with coils of 0.6 ohm and above. Do not purchase these coils for the Argus Air: M1, VM1, VM3, VM5 and VM6.


The V.Suit is compatible with coils of 0.3ohm or above. Do not purchase the VM5 or VM6 coils for the V.Suit.


Take note of your device’s compatible resistance range before purchasing. VT does not take responsibility for coils that do not fire in your device due to too low of a resistance.




PnP-C1 Ceramic 1.2ohm: mouth to lung, 10 – 15W

PnP-M1 Mesh 0.45ohm: direct to lung, 32 – 40W

PnP-M2 Mesh 0.6ohm: semi-restricted DTL, 20 – 28W

PnP-R1 Regular 0.8ohm coil: mouth to lung, 12 – 18W

PnP-R2 Traditional 1.0ohm: mouth to lung, 10 – 15W

PnP-TM1 Mesh 0.6ohm: semi-restricted DTL, 20 – 25W

PnP-TM2 Mesh 0.8ohm: semi-restricted DTL, 12 – 18W

PnP-TR1 Traditional 1.2ohm: mouth to lung, 10 – 15W

PnP-VM1 Mesh 0.3ohm: direct to lung, 32 – 40W

PnP-VM3 Mesh 0.45ohm: semi-restricted DTL, 25 – 35W

PnP-VM4 Mesh 0.6ohm: semi-restricted DTL, 20 – 28W

PnP-VM5 Mesh 0.2ohm: direct to lung, 40 – 60W

PnP-VM6 Mesh 0.15ohm: direct to lung, 60 – 80W

PnP-RBA: MTL / restricted DTL, comes with 0.6ohm coil



Additional information

Coil Name

R1 0.8ohm 12-18W, R2 Traditional 1.0ohm MTL 10 – 15W, TM1 Mesh 0.6ohm: RDTL, 20 – 25W, TM2 Mesh 0.8ohm: RDTL, 12 – 18W, TR1 Traditional 1.2ohm MTL 10 – 15W, VM1 0.3ohm 32-40W, VM3 045ohm 25-35W, VM4 0.6ohm: RDTL, 20 – 28W, VM5 0.2ohm 40-60W, VM6 0.15ohm 60-80W


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