Coil Master Skynet Coil Pack

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This is the perfect coil set for beginner builders, more than enough to not worry about making mistakes.

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This Coilmaster Kit includes every coil a new builder needs to get started and more confident with the building process

Coil Master Skynet 48Pcs


6pcs fused clapton Ni80 coil, 0.3ohm +-0.05

6pcs tortuosity Ni80 coil,0.22ohm +-0.05

6pcs clapton parallel Ni80 coil,0.3ohm +-0.05

6pcs interlock clapton A1+Ni80 coil,0.3ohm +-0.05

6pcs twisted fused clapton A1 coil,0.45ohm+-0.05

6pcs flat clapton A1 coil,0.45ohm +-0.05

6pcs clapton A1 coil,0.6ohm+-0.0

6pcs super tiger Ni80+A1 coil,0.6ohm+-0.05


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