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Vapetasia is a gourmet eliquid manufacturer based out of Las Vegas, NV. They hit the market in 2014 and  took the vape world by storm.Vapetasia Ejuice has become one of the leading juice manufacturers thanks to simply outstanding flavors that vapers can truly enjoy.

Milk of the Poppy 100ml

A velvety complex blend of milky strawberry cream flavor that will have your taste buds dancing! Each inhale and exhale is meant to be savored. Because it is made with exceptional ingredients, you will feel like you are enjoying the real thing.

Pink Lemonade 100ml

Pink Lemonade 100ml 

Pink Lemonade vape juice satisfies you in every way while refreshing your taste buds beyond belief. When you inhale, a burst 
of tangy and tart pink lemonade flavor teases your taste buds. On the exhale, the delicious sweetness gives your sweet tooth what it wants.