Preach Vapour Paper Snowflake

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I think the award for dreariest drive might well be the stretch from Canberra to Melbourne but this is the backdrop to where the story of the Preach Vapour Paper Snowflake begins. Hours of driving in, and hours yet to go we start chatting, you know, those big questions that for some reason seem to happen most when you’re trapped in a small… I mean, have quality and quantities of time on a lovely roadtrip together.

“If you could do anything at all with your life, what would it be?”

“I would own my own vape shop.”

“What would it take to do that?”

“A hundred, thousand dollars.”

“Oh. I don’t have a hundred thousand dollars. Do you?”

“No. No, I don’t”

“That’s a lot of money. What does that pay for?”

“A retail premises, fit out, overheads, stock… mostly covering that rent while the shop becomes established.”

“What if we lived in, like, one of those milk bars where the shop’s in front and we live behind? That way it might just be one lot of rent?”


That’s how simple a conversation can be that makes you start wondering whether the possibility of living your dream might be able to become a reality.

This store is Irish’s dream in part because he used to smoke 40 cigarettes a day. Someone gave him a vape to try and he never smoked again. He loves partnering with people who are on a journey to quit smoking. If you have questions about that you might find some answers here or pop in to our Footscray store – we’d love to meet you!

The doors of our little brick and mortar store have been open for just 4 months, Christmas is coming round again and we feel like we have a lot to celebrate – but not much money! We’re making each other presents this year and this post is part of mine for Irish Croger, the Vape Preacher who is going to have some of these up in the shop today and I thought I’d share the template for this inaugural Preach Vapour Paper Snowflake with all of you amazing people who are helping make our dream a reality.


Made with more love than skill, you can see in some of these close ups I’ve tried to capture some fun different flavours like pineapple, pear and strawberry but you could do candy, iced or bakery flavours too. Circles and curves evoke vape rings and clouds but you can use any shapes you like.

Preach Vapours Paper snowfake
Pineapple flavour here and pear below…

I was pretty stoked when I realised that if I go off template right at the end as per the image below and cut little curves in the top left triangle I can make it look like there’s a little cloud of vapour coming out of the device! Cutting off both these triangles with give you a circle decoration. Or you can trim the back triangle on the right so the finished shape is more of an almond.

Make your own Preach Vapours Paper snowflake look like there's smoke coming out of a device

Download your copy of the Preach Vapour Paper Snowflake here to have a play yourself, create your own flavours and add your own personal touch to your paper snowflakes.

May 2020 be the year you answer some of your own big questions, or when start your dream job! Merry Christmas and much love from the crew here at Preach Vapour.