Nicotine Info

In Australia nicotine is classified as a ‘Schedule 7- Dangerous Poison’ under the Commonwealth Poisons Standard(10). Meaning it is illegal to purchase any form of nicotine which is not either in cancer sticks or in Big Pharma owned products like nicotine gums, sprays or lozenges within Australia.

The use or purchase of vaping devices are legal in most states and territories as long as they do not contain nicotine. If you feel that this bureaucracy is in need of changing please visit and contact your local MP stating that you support legalisation of this product and ask them to help change the stance of their own party on the legal status of vaping nicotine.

PREACH VAPOUR as an Australian business is not allowed to recommend any of its customers to use nicotine in their personal vaping devices. In other countries where Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) or Vapes are legal, nicotine can be purchased in multiple ways as ready to vape or in nicotine bases that are bought to add to E-liquids containing zero milligrams per milliliter of nicotine. Most nicotine bases are around the 100mg/ml strength and are diluted with the 0mg/ml E-liquids.

If you intend to illegally import your own nicotine please take into account that it is a deadly poison for small children and pets. These dangers can be reduced by making sure all nicotine containing e-liquids are stored in childproof containers and out of reach of any small children as there have been recorded deaths as a result of children drinking the sweet tasting liquids and none of us want to see that happen again. Please also be careful when mixing nicotine base with e-liquids, below is a calculator to make sure the amount of nicotine in each e-liquid is at a reasonable concentration. If you have any questions on nicotine e-liquid strengths please call our shop on (03) 8528 5784 and one of our sales consultants can suggest a safe strength.

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